Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries
2021 Boston Marathon Team

Goodwill is thrilled to have three runners on its 2021 Boston Marathon Team: Crystal DeArruda, Meaghan Schmieding, and Misha Trubskyy. These individuals have a range of experiences in running and raising support for nonprofits. They will be running a Boston Marathon that is historic for more than one reason: it is the 125th year of the iconic event, and it will take place in the fall, on October 11, instead of on Patriots Day when it is usually held. Goodwill is pleased to be fielding one of the Boston Marathon charity teams that will run the event.

In addition to dedicating themselves to marathon training this summer, these Boston Marathoners are fundraising for Goodwill’s Peter Morrissey Youth Fund, named in memory of a longtime board member and advocate for Goodwill who helped shape the organization’s marathon program and was passionate about supporting young people. Goodwill’s history in the community includes a long tradition of formative programs for youth.

Today, Goodwill offers many opportunities for high school students in Boston, with the goal of helping young people bridge successfully into adulthood and enter the workforce. Programs are tailored to youth in underserved communities who most need the support, including young adults with disabilities and those from low-income families. The Boston Marathon fundraising will help youth of all abilities during a critical time as they transition to independent lives as adults.

You can support Goodwill’s Boston Marathon runners on their GivenGain pages.

If you are interested in running a future Boston Marathon as a member of Goodwill’s team, please email and ask to be notified when applications are being accepted.