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Halloween Headquarters

Halloween Headquarters

Halloween is our favorite holiday at Goodwill! Our stores have curated costume sections as well as a wealth of raw materials just waiting for you to add your wicked good imagination and create a do-it-yourself masterpiece! Pledge to dress up, to have fun while being green, and to give back!

Shopping at Goodwill to put a truly creative costume together (versus buying a ready-made polyester one) will have you stand out from the crowd - you might even win that costume contest! - but your spending dollars also help us to provide job training, career services, and youth programs to the community. So be your own monster and shop Goodwill this Halloween.

Here are our favorite timeless and pop-culture-inspired costumes for adults and kids, which work alone as well as in groups!

Halloween Headquarters Costume Ideas

Stranger Things - Season 2 of the Netflix sensation returns just in time for Halloween, so get ready to relive that ‘80s nostalgia, with a dash of spooky. Your nearby Goodwill is a treasure trove of corduroys, vintage striped shirts, and fall jackets to put together any of the kids’ looks. Grab a blond wig and a box of Eggos for Eleven, or even dress in a muted floral painted with the alphabet and wrap yourself in a string of Christmas lights to communicate with the Upside Down.

Glow - If you prefer your ‘80s nostalgia flashy and full of hairspray, then look no further than the new Netflix hit about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Here, it’s all about a shiny leotard, leg warmers, big hair, and colorful makeup. The alter egos run the gamut, so you can choose to be a wrestling granny or a scary were-woman.

Wonder Woman - This year, the biggest superhero came straight from the island of Themyscira. Get that Amazonian warrior look with red, blue, and (lots of) gold. Some vintage cuff bracelets could serve as gauntlets, and rope spray painted gold (or a string of LED rope lights!) would be a perfect lasso of truth. If you’re trying to be incognito, top it with a trench coat. And don't forget Spider-Man, who hit the Silver Screen earlier this year! 

Snapchat filters - Pick up something monochromatic to wear for this one--it’s all about the accessories. Grab some sunglasses and paint palm trees on the lenses, add some glittery golden butterflies to your hair, or just paint a wavy rainbow down your chin.

Minions - This year the dastardly (and delightful) Minions were back in Despicable Me 3. If you are willing to really commit to the face paint, then this costume couldn't be easier: grab a pair of denim overalls, some goggles, and all the yellow paint (wear a yellow shirt to save you the trouble of painting your arms). Don't forget to brush up on your Minionese. 

If you're more of a Halloween purist, you can always shop the classics at Goodwill, too:

Monsters - Grab some brightly colored attire, and craft some eyes, noses, and mouths out of felt and stick them to yourself! Monsters are a wonderfully adaptive category, and only limited by your imagination (or your nightmares!).

Pirates - Striped shirt or ruffled blouse, cutoff pants, silk scarves (for head and waist), leather boots, oversized hat, eye patch. If you find something with a skull & crossbones on it, even better! Think: Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Vampires - Tuxedo or corseted dress, heavy black eye makeup and red lipstick. Fake plastic vampire teeth a plus. Or go more modern and channel your favorite True Blood/Twilight character, hiding in plain sight.

Werewolves - Since modern werewolves only seem to go shirtless, you can really save big on this one, guys. For Twilight's Jacob, all you need is black jeans and a temporary tribal tattoo; for True Blood's Alcide, regular jeans and layered silver necklaces. Add a cotton henley and a plaid flannel shirt for modesty and authenticity to either one (especially if the forecast is chilly).

Fairies - Join Sookie Stackhouse and her ethereal kin in the fantasy of fairyland with a simple, gauzy floor length dress, natural hair pulled back with a headband, glitter body paint and a mason jar covered in glow-in-the-dark paint.

Zombies - If you're a fan of the Walking Dead, then you know anybody among us could turn zombie at any moment. Grab regular street clothes (or mimic those of your favorite zombie character), powder your face and circle your eyes in black, pour fake blood on yourself liberally, then raise arms and moan scarily. Fright night, indeed!

Most of all, whatever you dress up as this Halloween, have a safe, happy one from all of us at Goodwill. Boo!

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