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Bruce Bird: Goodwill and Vinfen Connect for Jobs

Vinfen - I Will Hire

Vinfen is a growing nonprofit organization that plays a vital role in helping individuals in the community who have disabilities.  In fact, Vinfen is one of the largest providers of mental health services in Massachusetts.

Established in 1977, the organization provides a broad array of services that help children, youth, and adults with psychiatric, developmental and behavioral disabilities.

"We provide a pathway for individuals from the hospital to a halfway house and then to a group home," says Vinfen CEO Bruce Bird, Ph.D. "We were way ahead of the curve in developing our facilities and programs."

Bird adds, "What Vinfen does is fulfill the real promise that people with more than the usual challenges can live happy lives.  We have a great model and a great team.  We also have a great need – a caring workforce.  That’s why our connection to Goodwill is so important."

The connection between Vinfen and Goodwill began many years ago and has since grown into a formal partnership.  "Goodwill is a true partner," says Bird.  "It’s hard to find good people for entry-level positions in the human services arena.  Goodwill has a wonderful program called ‘HELP’ that stands for Human Services Employment Ladder.  The individuals that graduate from their HELP program are a great source of good workers for Vinfen." 

Bird adds, "The job training they receive at Goodwill is an excellent background for our own rigorous training and evidence-based best practices.  Goodwill’s HELP graduates make the transition easily and move into the workforce where they have a solid career. And they have something even more important – hope for a productive, responsible life."

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