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Our mission is to help individuals with barriers to self-sufficiency to achieve independence and dignity through work. Not charity, but a chance.

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Micklean Owens has a personality that brightens any room.

That positive and upbeat persona serves Micklean well in her position as a residential counselor at a group home for young women ages 16 to 20. The young women face many challenges, but Micklean is always there with a smile and words of encouragement.

“I treat them like I treat my children,” said Micklean, the mother of six children ranging from four to 24. “I always try to be there for them.”

Micklean has faced many challenges herself. When she came to Goodwill, she was working in the food service industry after a long period of unemployment, and was seeking a career where she could more directly help others. She enrolled in HELP – the Human Services Employment Ladder Program – that prepares individuals to work in human services and quickly knew she had found the right profession.

“The HELP program gave me a lot of inspiration,” Micklean said. “I learned my value there and realized I had the experience to help other people.”

Her peers also recognized Micklean, as they chose her to be one of the speakers at the HELP graduation. And, through the HELP program, Micklean secured employment at Communities for People, which provides residential programs and housing for troubled youth and foster children. She’s very happy with the way things worked out.

“I love working at Communities for People and helping these kids,” Micklean said. “And I’m a big fan of Goodwill for making it possible.”

Martin Walter


From an early age, Martin Walter knew the value of helping others.

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