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Halloween Headquarters

Halloween is always much more fun when people get creative with their costumes, celebrating the tradition with a do-it-yourself attitude and pulling together unique outfits limited only by their imagination. Pledge to dress up, to have fun while being green, and to give back by saying, "Don't be afraid to shop at Goodwill this Halloween...It's wicked good!" Shopping at Goodwill to put a truly creative costume together (versus buying a ready made polyester one) will not only increase your chances of making Halloween memorable -- maybe even contest-winning -- but your spending dollars also help us to provide job training, career services, and youth programs to the community.

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Here are our favorite timeless and pop-culture-inspired costumes for adults and kids, which work alone as well as in groups!

Halloween Headquarters Costume Ideas

Guardians of the Galaxy - The summer’s biggest blockbuster hit, we’re expecting to see tons of these alterna-superheroes come Halloween. Star-Lord keeps it classic in a red leather jacket over a blue tee and jeans. Grab the green body paint for Gamora, wear something all black, and use red and purple chalk pastels to get her ombre hair. Cover some brown and neutral clothes with wood-toned contact paper and fashion a head piece out of driftwood for everyone’s favorite crime-fighting tree, Groot.

Hunger Games - The latest installment of Katniss & crew’s saga in Panem returns to screens this November. To transform into the Mockingjay herself, dress in dark neutrals, find a brassy bird brooch, fashion yourself a rocking braid, and complete with a full quiver of arrows. For those with makeup skills, your face becomes a work of art when you paint yourself in bright colors and metallics to look like a resident of the Capital, candy-colored wig recommended.

Brad & Angelina - The A-List celebs tied the knot in France this summer, and Angelina's dress was all anyone could talk about. Copy her look by picking up a Goodwill wedding gown and having kids draw all over the train. Your "Brad" wears a very dapper tux or dark suit.

Silicon Valley - HBO’s latest comedy confirms that entrepreneurs are the new rock stars. Just wear jeans, a tee with your favorite tech company logo (real or made-up), and a hoodie, and you’ll look like you have the next billion-dollar business idea.

Boardwalk Empire - Flapper style is a perennial Halloween favorite, but jazz it up this year in honor of the drama’s final season. For Roaring 20s radiance, ladies should shimmer in beaded dresses, fabulous feathers and fur, glimmering hair accessories and fascinators, plus plenty of jewelry; men don black or white tie, with a little bling of their own. For shady dealings, Atlantic City style requires three-piece suits, suspenders, and fedoras.

More Superhero Season - Between the latest installments of Spider-Man, Captain America, and X-Men, it's never been a better time to embrace your inner superhero. Dress in a red shirt and socks with blue pants, and add some webby facepaint for Spider-Man; pick up patriotic garb and make yourself a shield out of some cardboard for Captain America; rock head-to-toe black plus utility belts for Black Widow; or look like young Dr. X by snagging a ‘70s polyester shirt topped with a camel leather jacket. The options are literally endless for thrifted superhero combinations!

If you're more of a Halloween purist, you can always shop the classics at Goodwill, too:

Pirates - Striped shirt or ruffled blouse, cutoff pants, silk scarves (for head and waist), leather boots, oversized hat, eye patch. If you find something with a skull & crossbones on it, even better! Think: Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Vampires - Tuxedo or corseted dress, heavy black eye makeup and red lipstick. Fake plastic vampire teeth a plus. Or go more modern and channel your favorite True Blood/Twilight character, hiding in plain sight.

Werewolves - Since modern werewolves only seem to go shirtless, you can really save big on this one, guys. For Twilight's Jacob, all you need is black jeans and a temporary tribal tattoo; for True Blood's Alcide, regular jeans and layered silver necklaces. Add a cotton henley and a plaid flannel shirt for modesty and authenticity to either one (especially if the forecast is chilly).

Fairies - Join Sookie Stackhouse and her ethereal kin in the fantasy of fairyland with a simple, gauzy floor length dress, natural hair pulled back with a headband, glitter body paint and a mason jar covered in glow-in-the-dark paint.

Zombies - If you're a fan of the Walking Dead, then you know anybody among us could turn zombie at any moment. Grab regular street clothes (or mimic those of your favorite zombie character), powder your face and circle your eyes in black, pour fake blood on yourself liberally, then raise arms and moan scarily. Fright night, indeed!

Most of all, whatever you dress up as this Halloween, have a safe, happy one from all of us at Goodwill. Boo!

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