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Capital Campaign--Completed!

Building Goodwill...
By Raising the Roof and More!

Goodwill’s headquarters at 1010 Harrison Avenue is a vibrant place, bustling with people training for jobs, job seekers, and young people in after-school programs.  Yet, the building is in dire need of repair – and your help is urgently needed to fix it!

While the building has been well maintained since it opened in 1986, many components of the building, including the roof, heating/air conditioning and other internal systems, have exceeded their natural lifespans.  The roof is leaking, one heating/air conditioning unit is not working at all and others are at imminent risk of failing. There is little or no insulation in the building. And, there are few "green" elements in the existing headquarters.  The repair and renovation plan reflects a thorough review of the existing building, construction options and costs, and, pending the ability to secure all of the funds for the project, will be implemented in full force in the summer of 2010.  Included will be many "green" elements to preserve the environment and reduce energy use.

To get the job done this year, Goodwill urgently needs to raise $6 million.  Of this amount, $2 million is sought through the Building Goodwill…by Raising the Roof and More! fundraising campaign.  The remaining $4 million is being pursued through government grants, tax credits, rebates, and other sources.

Goodwill asks friends and supporters to consider a special, one-time donation to the Building Goodwill…by Raising the Roof and More! campaign to help restore the Goodwill headquarters building—a place that so many people with disabilities and other barriers to independence depend on for help and for hope for a better future.

Under the roof of its headquarters building, Goodwill serves many people who seek job training and career services; and youth who come to experience Goodwill’s school-year programs. The building hosts events such as quarterly job fairs and the annual Thanksgiving and holiday events.  And it is the hub of the retail enterprise, including the primary distribution center where clothing and household goods are sorted as well as the flagship store and outlet store that serve the community.

Did you know?

Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries collaborates with hundreds of employers to promote and facilitate the hiring of individuals facing barriers to employment. These collaborations bring trained, dedicated employees to the workforce, and help people achieve independence and dignity.

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