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Bequests and Planned Gifts

The simplest and most common planned gift provision—one that can easily be arranged in order to support Goodwill—is a bequest.

Bequests are important sources of support at Goodwill. Each year, many donors provide not charity, but a chance to the men, women and children we serve by remembering Goodwill in their wills and through their estate plans.

A bequest is a provision in one’s Last Will and Testament where a gift is transferred from an estate to a charitable organization. Establishing a bequest can be as simple as inserting a few sentences into your will, or can be easily added as an amendment (called a Codicil) to an existing will.

Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Our federal tax ID number is 04-2106765.

There are a number of ways to consider making a bequest to Goodwill:

Outright bequests
The outright bequest is the most direct way to make a gift through your estate plan.  An outright bequest could include a fixed amount of money or a specific asset (e.g. stock).  Or, it could call for a percentage of your estate to be bequeathed to Goodwill.

Sample language for an outright bequest:
I give to Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries ("Goodwill"), a corporation organized under the laws of Massachusetts and situated in Boston, Massachusetts, $__________.


I give to Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries ("Goodwill"), a corporation organized under the laws of Massachusetts and situated in Boston, Massachusetts, __________ percent ( %) of my estate.

Residual bequests
After your beneficiaries receive a designated portion of your estate, the remainder of the estate can be left to Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries.

Sample language for a residual bequest:
All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, I give to Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries (“Goodwill”), a corporation organized under the laws of Massachusetts and situated in Boston, Massachusetts.

Contingent bequests
The contingent bequest will benefit Goodwill only if the named beneficiaries predecease you.

"I give, devise, and bequeath to ____________, the sum of $ ________ dollars. In the event s/he shall predecease me, I direct this sum be paid to Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries ("Goodwill"), a corporation organized under the laws of Massachusetts and situated in Boston, Massachusetts.

Life Income Bequests
A life income bequest provides income to a person of your choice for his or her lifetime after your death, with the principal later donated to Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries upon the death of the beneficiaries.

Charitable Gift Annuities
A charitable gift annuity is an agreement between the donor and Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries. Today, given the fluctuations in the stock market, more and more individuals are considering the charitable gift annuity as a way to make a gift to Goodwill while also receiving a steady stream of income for life.

In exchange for your irrevocable gift, Goodwill pays you an annual fixed income. This income is guaranteed for life. The annuity rate is determined by the age of the person designated to receive the income (the annuitant) at the time the gift is made.  The charitable gift annuity can begin when the gift funding the annuity is given to Goodwill, or the annuity can be deferred to a future time—this type of annuity vehicle is known as a deferred charitable gift annuity.

Goodwill is pleased to provide the guidelines and benefits of a gift annuity below. We also recommend that you consult with your attorney or financial advisor to determine if establishing a charitable gift annuity at Goodwill is right for you.

Charitable Gift Annuity Guidelines

  • The fair market value of property contributed to establish a gift annuity shall be at least $10,000, regardless of when the first annuity payment will be made and whether payments will be made to one annuitant or two annuitants.
  • Property contributed may be in the form of cash or publicly traded securities.
  • The minimum age for annuitants at the time annuity payments commence shall be sixty-five (65) for both immediate and deferred annuities.
  • Annuity payments shall be made quarterly at the end of each calendar quarter.

Benefits of Charitable Gift Annuities

  • Immediate federal income tax deduction for the gift portion of the annuity.
  • Partially tax-free income, increasing your overall return.
  • Avoidance of a portion of the capital gains tax when you fund the annuity with long-term appreciated securities.

Many donors find the gift annuity attractive for its high guaranteed payments and simplicity. The contract is one page in length.

Please contact Goodwill with any questions, or if we can provide further information—including income and charitable deduction projections—regarding a charitable gift annuity. Call 617-541-1259 or reach us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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